Choose How You Show Up Before You Show Up

Strength sees opportunities. Weakness sees threats. You see the world the way you see yourself.

Self-perception shapes the way you show up.

Self-perception shapes the way you show up. Image of sneakers with a shadow but now body.

How do you show up when your inner accuser is loud?

  1. Filled with self-doubt that causes second-guessing.
  2. Fearful of making mistakes.
  3. Worried about being judged.
  4. Obsessively analyzing your words.
  5. Avoiding topics that need exploration.
  6. Feeling inadequate or jealous.
  7. Defensive when receiving tough feedback.

How do you show up when you feel confident in yourself?

  1. Prepared to turn outward instead of focusing on yourself.
  2. Open to listen without defensiveness.
  3. Comfortable with others.
  4. Willing to address tough topics with a forward-facing orientation.
  5. Aware and respectful of boundaries both for ourselves and others.
  6. Trusting competent people to perform.
  7. Leaning into your strengths.
  8. Attractive to others (I’m not talking about physical beauty).
  9. Able to infuse confidence in others.
  10. Positive instead of fearful.

Choose how you show up:

Spend 1 minute visualizing how you want to show up before your next meeting.

  1. How does your best self begin the meeting?
  2. How do you look? Think about body language and facial expression.
  3. What do you do when someone tries to hijack the meeting?
  4. What is your orientation toward people? Toward planning? Toward decision-making?
  5. How do you feel about yourself when you’re interacting with people?
  6. How does your best self move the agenda forward?
  7. How do you see yourself ending the meeting?

Be specific. Think actions, words, facial expressions and vocal tone.

1-day challenge:

Practice a best-self-visualization in the morning and before significant encounters. At the end of the day record your observations on a piece of paper (Writing is thinking). If it’s useful, do it for 5 days.

How does the way we think about ourselves seep into behaviors and attitudes?

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