How to Show Up Like a Leader Today

The most important leadership choice of the day is choosing how you show up.

Don’t react to people and circumstance. Respond from intention.

Show up:

How you show up determines where you end up.

  1. Show up complaining – encounter negativity.
  2. Show up closed to suggestions – receive resistance.
  3. Show up open to possibility – experience potential.

Choose one word that best captures how you want to show up today.

  1. Courageous.
  2. Open.
  3. Curious.
  4. Compassionate.
  5. Selfless.
  6. Optimistic.
  7. Grateful.
  8. Practical.
  9. Relational.
  10. Friendly.
  11. Connecting.
  12. Future-focused.
  13. Interested.
  14. Responsive.
  15. Candid.
  16. Other-centric.


Determine one or two behaviors that best express the way you want to show up.

  1. Grateful. End every conversation with a word of gratitude.
  2. Interested. “Tell me more.”
  3. Future-focused. “Where does this take us?”
  4. Relational. “What’s going on for you?”

“Show up” partner:

Tell someone how you’re showing up today. Ask them for encouragement and feedback during the day.

Suppose today’s word is interested.

Seek feedback:

  1. What did you see me doing that expressed interest?
  2. When am I least interested?
  3. When am I most interested?
  4. How might I improve my expressions of interest?

You go further with others. Isolation is discouraging.

Lonely leaders make choices to be on their own.


Reflect on your practice at the end of the day.

  1. How did you show interest  during the day? (insert your word.)
  2. What does lack of interest say about you?
  3. When were you best at showing interest?
  4. How might you be better next time?


Choose the way you want to show up tomorrow when you go to bed tonight.

  1. Review the above list or make your own.
  2. Confirm your intention when you get up in the morning.
  3. Determine one or two behaviors that best express your intention.
  4. Declare your intention to your “show up” partner.

Repeat for a week and evaluate the practice.

What word best expresses the way you want to show up today?

What one or two behaviors best express your intention?