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Gain Influence with Others by Seeing Yourself

I’m from Maine. My parents are from Maine, and so are my parent’s parents. We refer to ourselves as MAINEiacs and we have a reputation for stoicism. Maybe the cold winters make us… Continue reading

The Key that Unlocks Leadership

I’m consumed with power-packed brevity. Five words are better than thirteen. That sentence originally read, “If I can say something in five words rather than seven I’m excited.” Brevity by itself is meaningless,… Continue reading

Be a Leader in Two Seconds

The more you’re respected the less you need to say and the more power you have. You can earn respect while you’re speaking if you speak with compassion, integrity, and competence. People feel… Continue reading

Pearls before Swine?

I spent an hour and a half with an emerging leader who didn’t appreciate my pearls of wisdom. I’d like to think he wasn’t wise enough to understand my “wisdom” but that’s not… Continue reading

10 Ways to Crush Leadership’s Biggest Challenge

The hardest part of leadership is taking responsibility. You-are-to-blaming-leaders are common. I-am-responsible-leaders are rare. Magnificent leaders rise up, square their shoulders, and bear the responsibility of their decisions and behaviors. Maxwell said, “Everything… Continue reading

Lead Your Way into Leadership

Much of my leadership career I had a leadership title but did little leading. I didn’t understand leadership. Stop aspiring to become a leader its a waste of time. Leaders don’t aspire to… Continue reading