How to Become a Culture Building Leader

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Lazy leaders blame. Arrogant leaders push down. Fearful leaders push away.

Facebook contributors said, “The worst leaders ______:”

  1. Talk too much and think too little.
  2. Believe collaboration shows weakness.
  3. Fear risk.
  4. Need power.
  5. Never acknowledge weakness.
  6. More (posted on 3/4/13)…

All leaders build organizational culture, worst included.

Negative impact:

Lousy leaders build lousy organizational culture. Anyone suggesting leadership is overrated hasn’t worked with lousy leaders. However…

Power to destroy suggests power to create.

Those who tear down have power to build up.

Culture building leaders:

Dr. Vik (Doc) explains the type of leaders who build empowering organizational cultures in, “The Culture Secret.” Leaders who empower:

  1. Connect rather than withdraw. “Leaders can’t lead anything from the office.”
  2. Build “chains of empowerment” not “chains of command.”
  3. Concentrate on the success of others.
  4. Exercise “power with,” not “power over.”
  5. Tell people what needs to be done not what to do.
  6. Focus on employee strengths.
  7. Express gratitude.
  8. Make people feel they matter.
  9. Emphasize positives even when dealing with negatives.
  10. Use “we,” “ours,” and, “us.”
  11. Show interest.
  12. Know names.

Becoming a culture builder:

  1. Believe you matter in the face of obstacles, opposition, and negativity.
  2. Choose creation over destruction.
  3. Courageously dream and consistently talk about what could be.
  4. Find and exploit points of alignment. Don’t push against, pull with.
  5. Keep smiling.

I’m recommending, “The Culture Secret,” for any leaders looking to ramp up their culture building skills and activities.

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What behaviors do culture building leaders exhibit?

What activities build empowering cultures?