The Next Step – Stepping Out or Stepping Off

Cliff Stepping off

Most talk; few act. Rooms go silent when someone asks, “What’s next?” Dreaming, thinking, and talking aren’t doing.

Leaders do; dreamers talk.


  1. Feels like doing even when nothing’s done.
  2. Feeds weak egos and small minds.
  3. Slows progress.
  4. Creates imagined problems that waste time, drain energy, and distract focus.

Nothing happens till you take the first step.

Before stepping out:

Go deep before stepping out.

Ask, “How does this step express our values?” Are you following popular trends or embracing behaviors that matter to you. Fads fade because they’re shallow.

Stepping out:

  1. Test. Never put all your eggs in untested baskets.
  2. Evaluate passion. Do first steps energize and fuel momentum?
  3. Establish connections.
  4. Develop teams.
  5. Affirm strengths.
  6. Build trust.
  7. Learn as you go.
  8. Enhance skills.
  9. Build confidence.
  10. Step to the cliff. Small steps always lead to giant cliffs – decision points.

Bonus: Stepping out prepares for stepping off.

Great endeavor always encounter resistance.

Stepping off:

  1. Intensify focus. Failure matters.
  2. Trust your strengths. Cliffs always test. Safe steps never bring out your best.
  3. Leverage relationships built during the “small step” phase.
  4. Go first. “Follow me,” gets real, now.

Bonus: Know your strengths before arriving at stepping-off moments.

Power of skin:

Get skin in the game or get out! Real leaders have most to lose. Fake leaders posture and protect. Never let others take risks you should take.

Leaders who protect themselves create environments where others protect themselves.

  1. Boldness stop.
  2. Innovation ends.
  3. Death begins, slowly.

The path to great achievement always leads to stepping-off moments. Prepare don’t run away.

How do you move from talking to doing?

What prepares individuals or teams for stepping off moments?