12 Ways to Thrive Under Stress


Talking about stress is stressful. It’s one more problem to solve. But, ignoring it never resolves it. Stress builds up.

Disproportionate reactions indicate stress build-up.

Mary says, “Would you mind handing me that pencil?” Bob responds in anger, “You’re always asking for something. Get it yourself!” “Sheesh!”

Over 50% of the workforce feels:

  1. Overwhelmed by workload.
  2. Too many tasks prevent them from completing tasks.
  3. There’s no time for self-reflection.

Beware! Stress manifests physically, relationally, emotionally, and mentally. It’s not all bad, however.

4 Stress benefits

Healthy doses of stress:

  1. Energize and motivate.
  2. Enhance concentration. But, too much distracts.
  3. Produce great results. Stress brings out your best.
  4. Make you feel you matter.

Stephen Covey said, “Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us.”

12 stress tips

  1. Acknowledge that it eventually becomes, “I can’t take any more.”
  2. Make lists. Anxiety that something fell through the cracks causes stress.
  3. Take ownership. Blaming is stressful.
  4. See it. Seeing stress helps solve stress. Listen to feedback from your body, for example.
  5. Manage don’t control. Controlling stress creates stress.
  6. Welcome stress that brings out your best. It’s your friend.
  7. Engage in stress relieving activities.
  8. Accept what won’t change. Don’t fight it.
  9. Say no.
  10. Find support.
  11. Delegate.
  12. Breathe.

Bonus: Laugh.

I don’t want to cause more stress, but it kills you if you don’t deal with it.

Which stress tips are most useful?

How do you deal with stress?

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