When You Love the Old Boss and Hate the New

carry load support work sweat

New bosses are troubling when the old one was great.

You loved the old boss. So what? It doesn’t matter. Resist the new to your own peril. Comparing the new with the old is self-defeating. Keep preferences for the old boss to yourself, always.

What if you disagree?

The way you express your viewpoint matters more than your viewpoint. Disagree in the wrong way disconnects and shuts out. Disagree in the right way adds value.

Attitude controls receptivity more than content.

Resistance and arrogance:

The worst thing to do is pull back and slow down when you hate the new boss.

Disagreement is arrogant resistance when you aren’t pulling your weight. Tossing suggestions from the bleachers irritates those struggling in the pit. Longing for the old days is disloyal. Get busy before opening your mouth.

Sweat tastes like credibility. Breath from big mouths stinks. “Shut up and put up.”

Leaders open their minds and hearts to those fully engaged. Hard work from you feels like support to them.

Skin in the game:

Disgruntled cowards sit on the sidelines making suggestions. Get skin in the game. Put yourself on the line. Things look different when you’re sweaty and in the pit.

Respect is earned when you stand-with rather than aloof.
Nothing to lose means nothing to add.

Action trumps talking. Earn a hearing with sweat and support.

Side benefits:

Knowledge in the head vanishes when feet hit the road. If only we knew as much as we thought?

Learning and humility begin suddenly when talking stops and action begins.

What does supporting new leaders look like to you?

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