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Sir Edmund Hillary Reveals Something More Satisfying than Climbing Everest

The top of the world straddles the border of Tibet and Nepal standing proudly at five and half miles high. Mt. Everest, named after the British Surveyor General of India Sir George Everest,… Continue reading

Playful Mischief and Lighthearted Fun is Seriously Worthwhile

Playful mischief makes life fun. That’s why I occasionally lock my wife out of the house. My recent “hat on a broom” was the best prank yet. I’ve been known to hide on… Continue reading

Comparative Self-Reflection: Stop Giving Yourself a Smoke Enema

In the late 1700’s tobacco smoke enemas were used to revive drowning victims, alleviate headaches, stop stomach cramps, even cure typhoid. The medical community built an enema kit for blowing smoke up you-know-where.… Continue reading

Show Me Your Friends and I’ll Show You Your Future

John Donne wrote, “No man is an island…” Don’t treat yourself like an island during self-reflection. Our world expands when we understand ourselves in connection, not isolation. Self-reflection reeks of conceit when its… Continue reading

Self-Reflection: The Secret to 23% Improvement in 10 Days

Vampires grease back their hair because they have no reflection. Life sucks and you’re a mess if you never look in the mirror. Socrates was right, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”… Continue reading

The Path to Meaningful Contribution Begins Here

Arrogance stabs itself in the chest in order to get what it wants. But strangely, the beauty of humility terrifies. Arrogance serves self-destructive goals. Humility pursues meaningful contribution. Arrogance: Pretends. Intimidates. Serves itself.… Continue reading