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Powerful Motivation from a Toothbrush

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth two minutes twice a day. Your teeth are 26% cleaner if you brush the recommended time instead of the average 45 seconds. My rechargeable toothbrush… Continue reading

My Wife Fixed Our Toilet Handle with a Paper Clip

My wife fixed our toilet handle with a paper clip. It broke again the next morning, so I lifted the tank lid and pulled the chain. Then I went to the gym. It… Continue reading

Disappointment – Navigating a Delightful Past

Sweet memories marred by bitter realities are ice cream cones sprinkled with dead flies. 10 years ago, your team pulled you forward. Today you’re teaching fish to climb trees. Yesterday pouring into others… Continue reading

Meetings – Proctologists – and Shock Collars

Meetings are like working out, best when you’re done. Meetings are like Sunday-night insomnia. The dread that you’ll be exhausted Monday keeps you awake. Good meetings are useful but still feel like the… Continue reading

3 Reasons People Follow You

#1. People follow you because you believe in them. The legendary basketball coach, John Wooden, believed in his players. Basketball was second. People were first. He treated people as individuals with value. Belief… Continue reading

Complete These 10 Sentences Before Seeking Recommendations

Uncertainty breeds gullibility. Frail people desire freedom from responsibility. Frustrated people sniff out confirming voices. You can always find some fool to offer recommendations that feel good. Stupid advice seems smart to the… Continue reading