Slackers, Lions, and Leadership

Talking without action is meaningless babble. Successful leaders connect with doers.

“Do” your way out of problems, challenges, and adversity. Talking helps but only when it focuses on effective, efficient action.

An ancient proverb:

“The slacker says there’s a lion in the road.”

Slackers see lions everywhere.

Spotting slackers:

  1. Slackers are great talkers.
  2. Slackers make up reasons to do nothing. They see lions everywhere.
  3. Slackers talk about what they’ll do someday while doing nothing today.
  4. Slackers create fear in others. If we do that then this “bad” thing might happen. Ooooo! There’s a lion!

Look up the road. What do you see? Lions!?

Leaders don’t see lions up the road – they see opportunity. The trouble with opportunity is it takes work.

Worry more about things you can do and less about lions.


Listen for individuals with “doer” talk; people who explain why and how things can be done; slackers explain why they can’t. Create teams of doers.

Slackers drag teams and organizations down. How do you deal with slackers?