5 Reasons People Wish Lousy Leaders Would Stay Away

I’m a huge fan of leadership walk-abouts. But if you’re a lousy leader, just stay in your office and keep doing the “important” work you think you’re doing. 5 reasons people wish lousy… Continue reading

How to be Inexperienced Like a Pro – In a Turbulent World Everyone is a Novice

Inexperience is a state of opposites. In some, inexperience is caution, doubt, and paralysis. In others, inexperience is naïve boldness. The disadvantage of inexperience is also its advantage – ignorance. Inexperience: #1. Inexperience… Continue reading

Curiosity – Remarkable Practices, Unexpected Benefits

Where would we be without curiosity? Curiosity is: Enthusiastic “not knowing”. Willingness to be wrong. Drive to make sense of things. Delight in surprises. Dissatisfaction with the status quo. Curiosity and success: When… Continue reading

Purpose Simplified – Who Do You Want to be When You Grow Old

Living without purpose is easy; just run around doing stuff as fast as you can. Turbulence, opportunity, and too much to do are the perfect environment for doing machines. But  human beings require… Continue reading

Confidence: Proof You Can Face Any Challenge

I haven’t had a warm shower in more than seven months. If you’re counting, it’s 226 days, but whose counting. The water I use is 54 degrees Fahrenheit, 12.2 degrees Celsius. Yes, I… Continue reading

Free Speech at Work – Should Discussions of Politics be Banned

70% of Americans would support companywide policies that limit the discussion of politics in the workplace or with colleagues. Harris Free speech and context: Political speech seems natural when your organization connects deeply… Continue reading