Stress: How to get Screaming Monkeys off your Back

Stress has good intentions. It tells you to stay alert, prepare, avoid, or fight. But stress throws a fit when you ignore it. Stress doesn’t care what you do as long as you… Continue reading

3 Questions that Resolve Stress Quickly

#1. The worst question: For some reason, when I ask, “What’s the worst that could happen?” stress loses some of its bite. You’re stressed about traffic, for example. What’s the worst that could… Continue reading

A Realistic Approach to Stress Management that doesn’t cause more Stress

I hate the expression, ‘stress management’. I get stressed when people tell me to relax. Thick books about managing stress make my belly hurt. The individuality of stress aggravates me. Stressors that bother… Continue reading

5 Reasons People Wish Lousy Leaders Would Stay Away

I’m a huge fan of leadership walk-abouts. But if you’re a lousy leader, just stay in your office and keep doing the “important” work you think you’re doing. 5 reasons people wish lousy… Continue reading

How to be Inexperienced Like a Pro – In a Turbulent World Everyone is a Novice

Inexperience is a state of opposites. In some, inexperience is caution, doubt, and paralysis. In others, inexperience is naïve boldness. The disadvantage of inexperience is also its advantage – ignorance. Inexperience: #1. Inexperience… Continue reading

Curiosity – Remarkable Practices, Unexpected Benefits

Where would we be without curiosity? Curiosity is: Enthusiastic “not knowing”. Willingness to be wrong. Drive to make sense of things. Delight in surprises. Dissatisfaction with the status quo. Curiosity and success: When… Continue reading