Let Yourself Be Happy

Aristotle believed in two kinds of happiness. Hedonic happiness is derived from pleasure. The second kind of happiness is eudaimonia. This comes from pursuing virtue and meaning. Let yourself be happy: Are challenges… Continue reading

The 12 Dragons all Leaders Face

The dragons you face are inside you. Stop blaming. Your shortfalls belong to you. Face the dragon. You are the dragon. The 12 dragons all leaders face: Building the team: Lead yourself to… Continue reading

7 Responses that Defeat Defensiveness

People don’t make you feel defensive. Defensiveness is your response. Defensiveness is feeling attacked when others are trying to help. Defensive language: My natural response to criticism or corrective feedback is self-protection. After… Continue reading

7 Quick Techniques that Make Meetings Better Today

Vibrant meetings are as rare as they are beautiful.

Here are 7 quick techniques you can use today.

3 Principles to Upgrade Your Leadership with Compassionate Accountability

Book Giveaway!! 20 copies available!! Leave a comment on this guest post by Nate Regier, PhD to become eligible for one of 20 complimentary copies of his new book, Compassionate Accountability: How Leaders… Continue reading

12 Ways to Make Today a Great Day

Begin the day by choosing to make it a great day. Don’t expect others to make your day great. 12 ways to make today a great day: 1. Pause, breathe, and focus. Before… Continue reading