How to Be a Smart Novice and Stop Hurting Yourself and Others

Novelty makes novices of us all. Every time you try something new, you’re a novice all over again. Dangers of inexperience: You thought you understood parenting until you had children. You thought you… Continue reading

Dear Dan: How Should I Lead my First Group Meetings

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7 Ways to Fuel Energy During a Pandemic

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How to Build Teams that Row Together

I asked top leaders, “What three problems hinder great teamwork?” Many responses centered on alignment. Not understanding the team’s mission. Lack of a clear mission. Lack of clarity about roles and expectations. Misalignment… Continue reading

How to Build Teams that Trust Each Other

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How to Defeat Distraction and Heighten Satisfaction

I haven’t been a fan of all the mumbo jumbo about being present, until recently. Maybe I had too much to do? Stress and anxiety reveal the danger of distraction and power of… Continue reading