5 Ways Arrogance Struggles on its Own

Meaningful service and happy feelings don’t always go together. But arrogance – the hidden enemy of leadership – makes the burdens of leadership heavier. Leadership is fulfilling but ease feels better than constant… Continue reading

A Free 10-Minute Plan to Include Leadership Development in Team Meetings

Successful leaders develop leaders. High performing team members crave development. But your hair’s on fire. What if you don’t have time to plan leadership development? Leadership development in team meetings: #1. Identify: Identify… Continue reading

The Journey to True Success

I have, in large part, become who I was when I was a kid. True success is becoming your best self. Don’t waste years trying to become someone you aren’t. What happens when… Continue reading

2 Ways to Ask Questions Like an Expert

A leader who doesn’t ask questions is a know-it-all with a closed mind. “My greatest strength is to be ignorant and ask a few questions.” Peter Drucker 7 things good questions do: 2… Continue reading

Saturday Sage: 7 Ways to Build Your Village Today

Village building is for people who want to shine by helping others shine. A rewarding life might seem upside down. What’s upside down about village building?  Villages are built by people who thrive… Continue reading

How to Reinvent Your Leadership

Every excuse to stay the same leads to drudgery and decay. Inaction drains vitality. Dreams without action are sedatives. The pursuit of excellence is the path to reinvent your leadership. The greatest obstacle… Continue reading