How Successful Leaders Navigate Disruption

Success during disruption is a function of opportunity, humility, talent, and focus – the elimination of distraction. Ego hinders meaningful contribution. Avoid Superhero Syndrome.  Superhero-leaders work too hard rescuing others. It feels good… Continue reading

7 Ways to Find Your Highest Point of Clarity during Uncertainty

A Leadership Freak reader asked me to explain, “Go with your highest point of clarity.” Uncertainty invites anxiety, second-guessing, rethinking, and delay. Decisions always include multiple options and uncertainty. If everything is clear,… Continue reading

Dear Dan: I Have an Employee who Makes Repeated Mistakes

Dear Dan, I have an employee who rushes through her work. I’ve tried to get her to slow down, but she is always worried about getting in trouble for not getting work done.… Continue reading

How to Never Waste a Good Crisis

Leaders are developing a healthy case of humility during COVID-19. Frankly, it’s a good thing because lousy leadership is rooted in ego. Success followed by admiration tests character. An ancient Jewish proverb puts… Continue reading

Future-Back: How Leaders Create the Future Today

COVID-19 changes the way you think about the future. On-going disruption changes the way you think about yourself, others, and the present. The imagined future transforms the present. In a recent conversation, Mark… Continue reading

15 Things I do to Answer Anxiety in the Morning

When your hair’s on fire in the morning, you’re toast by end of day. Establish morning rituals and routines to answer internal anxiety and prepare for external chaos.   Power of ritual: Internal… Continue reading