Peter Drucker on Opportunities

Problems feel present even though they occurred in the past.

Negatives exert stronger pull than positives.

How to get a grip on opportunities…

Meetings are Too Big Too Frequent and Too Long

Nearly 7 in 10 complain meetings distract from work.

Meetings are good when you’re disappointed they’re over.

7 Ways to Learn to Say No with Kindness

A person who can’t say no is a slave with many masters.

A world without ‘NO’ is filled with frustration.

Imagine saying no with courage and kindness.

10 Self-Defeating Behaviors You Need to Let Go

“What you most need will be found where you least want to look.” Attributed to Carl Jung

You repeat what you ignore. What self-defeating behaviors might you be ignoring?

Words for the Wise

Grasp the power of words and you find power to shape your future.

Words are rudders. The things you say take you places.

Today’s challenge: Choose words that shape the future you aspire to create.

Between Stupidity and Wisdom

There’s a name for people who are too stupid to know they are stupid. The Dunning–Kruger effect.

You haven’t learned anything unless you’re a fool. Wisdom is always learning.