24 Ways to Challenge People Without being a Jerk-Hole

Performance is about rigorous standards, high expectations, clear goals, and providing support. Challenge people and be tenderhearted. “The best leaders are toughminded on standards and tenderhearted with people.” Doug Conant 24 ways to… Continue reading

5 Awesome Ways to Energize Your Day

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6 Ways to Make Leadership Meaningful

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5 Ways to Teach Your Face to Express Your Heart

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6 Ways to Find Freedom While Leading

Leading can become a ball and chain for sincere leaders. Relentless challenge sucks the life out of everyone. Eventually you go through the motions but you’re dead inside. You cannot run at 100%… Continue reading

5 Steps to Solve People Problems

People problems spread when they’re ignored. 5 steps to solve people problems: #1. Solve the right problem. You think you understand the issue, but if you’re wrong, you end up creating more people… Continue reading