7 Small Acts of Defiance

Small acts of defiance, like the murder of a watch, build an oasis of control. My smart watch died a quiet death on the table by my bed. It hasn’t buzzed or beeped… Continue reading

3 Ways to Practice Steady-On Leadership

“Steady-on.” That’s what my friend Dave says when you ask, “How ya doin’?” Dave works at farmer-pace. He wouldn’t win any sprints. I’ve done a couple things with Dave, and I can testify… Continue reading

3 Advantages of an Enemy

Nearly 50 inches of snow fell in Buffalo, New York, three days in December 2022. Axios reported it was the longest blizzard on record. It was so bad cars were banned. Bitter cold… Continue reading

The Power of the Weak

Power silences dissent. But uncontested decisions are weak. People nod when they disagree to put food on their table until organizational cupboards are bare. That’s what happened to Ford Motor Company a few… Continue reading

4 Signs You Lack Executive Presence and How to Earn it Back

This guest post is written by Joel Garfinkle, the author of Executive Presence: Step Into Your Power, Convey Confidence, & Lead With Conviction. Executive presence is an elusive quality. When it’s lacking, you… Continue reading

3 Ways to Listen to Complainers

People want to pour crap in your ears especially if you’re a new boss. Gullible leaders fall prey to complainers. Manipulators gripe to get what they want. People maneuver you into sympathy for… Continue reading