Office Politics and Survivor on T.V.

No one survives and thrives on their own. Think of office politics as alliance-building. But avoid unethical office politics. Rob Jolles explains that it’s one thing to get a job. It’s another thing… Continue reading

How to Defeat Self-Doubt like a Leader

Self-doubt laughs when you squander your talent. Shelves filled with books on self-confidence speak to a universal truth. We seek what we lack. Self-doubt: Amplifies the volume of your inner critic. Magnifies the… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: They’re Paying Him Under the Table

Dear Dan, I have been with a company for over 18 years. I was the “Jack of all trades” for a very long time. I did everything from managing to marketing. I have… Continue reading

You Can’t Win if You Don’t Know How to Play

His real name was Harvard. But we called my wife’s grandfather Tampie. Don’t play checkers with Tampie. The outcome was foreordained. He toyed with us whenever he convinced a sacrificial lamb to play.… Continue reading

The Illusions of Fulfillment That Sabotage Leaders

The illusion of fulfillment causes leaders to crash and burn. Power and authority: Power and authority feel like fulfillment but the feeling is intoxication. Those worthy of power and authority feel humility and… Continue reading

5 Ways to Stop Solving the Wrong Problem

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” Peter Drucker The leaders’ job is to help their team identify the RIGHT problem before coming up… Continue reading