The 5 Best Four-Letter Words Leaders Can Practice Today

Remarkable success begins simply. Fools make simple things complicated. Complexity leads to confusion. Confusion produces anxiety. Anxiety creates insecurity. Insecurity leads to stagnation. The 5 best four-letter words for leaders #1. Kind Unkindness… Continue reading

7 Ways to Immediately Open Your Mind to Useful Ideas

You can’t be open to everything. Open-minded leadership is a pernicious waste of time when you lose sight of outcomes. So how can you open your mind without wasting time on useless conversations?… Continue reading

Root Cause Analysis is Over-Rated – What to Do Instead

A car that won’t start requires root cause analysis. But people development and culture building may not. We spend too much time asking ‘why’ and not enough time exploring ‘what’. If your team… Continue reading

The 4 Secrets of Graceful Leadership That Propel You to the Next Level

Passive patience disappoints. Grace sweetens bitter. Patience with people is: Accepting slower than expected progress. Withholding negative consequences for disappointing performance. Making room to learn from mistakes. Allowing poor performance with the view… Continue reading

Weekend Update: 8/9/2021 to 8/13/2021

This week the phrase, “Inappropriate persistence,” came to mind. Getting stuck is the result of inappropriate persistence. I’ve been there. How about you? Learning is an opportunity to defeat inappropriate persistence. And now… Continue reading

The 10 Best Ways to Spot a Close-Minded Leader

Turbulence opens the mind of the wise and congeals the brain of the convinced. A closed mind gets stupid as time passes. Perhaps current knowledge was enough when the world seemed stable, but… Continue reading