3 Questions That Move Experienced Leaders Forward

Ego loves being the go-to person. But dependency makes people weak, and leaders get in the way when they need to be needed.

One leader asked, “I wonder what I am doing to cause dependency?”

Well timed questions enable people to craft their own path forward.

The 5 Skills Managers Must Master

David Dodson has an MBA from Stanford. He worked for McKenzie and Company. But he discovered what every manager knows, “… credentials are not skills.” You learn about skills in books. You develop… Continue reading


It’s natural to obsess over one bad thing and forget many good things.
Life is better than it seems for negative people.
How to escape the small box that negative thoughts creates.

Books I’m Reading: Poetry, Wisdom, and Biography

Books fuel your soul. Pour in so you can pour out. The more you pour in – the more you can pour out. An empty cup can’t contribute. Books I’m reading: I don’t… Continue reading

The #1 Self-Defeating Behavior That Brings Leaders Down

The faster you stop holding yourself back the more your life will matter to others.

Other people aren’t your biggest challenge. You are.

See if you do some of the self-defeating behaviors I’ve held dear.

How the Power of Focus Protects You

Senbere Teferi was the clear winner of the 2023 Peachtree Road Race. Just yards from the finish line she focused on the wrong thing and ran off course. You go where you look.… Continue reading