How Negative Thinking Creates Positive Solutions

Shooting down ideas is sport to corporate teams. What happens when new ideas come before teams? People explain why they won’t work! Don’t you hate people who explain why something won’t work? I’ve… Continue reading

Loneliness is More Dangerous than Smoking or Obesity

“Loneliness has the same impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, making it even more dangerous than obesity.” Douglas Nemecek “… individuals with adequate social relationships have a 50% greater likelihood… Continue reading

Manager as Pooper Scooper

Hotheads are a reality in organizational life. I’m not endorsing or encouraging hotheaded behaviors. Manager as pooper scooper: Every manager has cleaned up the aftermath of a hothead’s outburst. The hothead moved on.… Continue reading

How Long is Your Management Nose

Long-nosed managers sniff around in everyone’s business. Short-nosed managers seem disinterested, aloof, and uncaring. How long should a manager’s nose be? One size doesn’t fit all. My preference: I preferred managers with short… Continue reading

Managing Hotheads is Like Handling Rattle Snakes

Dealing with hotheads is like handling rattle snakes. It’s thrilling if you have proper training and equipment. Three hot-heads on a team are better than one seething manipulator. Hotheads express their concerns. Seething… Continue reading

How to Make Working from Home Work

56% of managers say it’s likely that their company would allow the workforce to work remotely after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. However, Nicolas Bloom, believes working from home under current conditions is a… Continue reading