Screw You and Other Moments of Growth

Growth hurts.   #1. Have a screw you attitude. Get up after being kicked to the curb. A screw you attitude is useful when others don’t believe in you. Prove them wrong. Plow forward.… Continue reading

The 7 Biggest Blunders of The Experienced Leader

#1. Forgetting who serves who. Leaders serve others so others can serve others. It’s easy to begin thinking the people around you are there to serve you. Repeat to yourself, “I’m here to… Continue reading

The Simplest Way to Become a Great Decision-Maker

Make decisions based on future value not sunk-cost. The above image isn’t the house we rented. However, the home was built in castle style. It even had a drawbridge.   The lake house:… Continue reading

More Tragic Blunders of the Inexperienced

Inexperience offers the opportunity to improve or the peril of developing patterns that hamstring your future. Here are two tragic blunders of inexperienced leaders.  #1. Resisting – rather than actively seeking – input… Continue reading

5 Tragic Blunders of the Inexperienced

Blunder #1: Getting lost in their own work. Drive sabotages inexperienced leaders when they go into heads-down mode. Leaders often have work responsibilities beyond leadership. Their job includes being part of the team… Continue reading

The Introspection that Comes Before Complaint, Confrontation, or Correction

One of the most pathetic expressions of inept management is complaining about something that hasn’t been discussed with the people involved. Complaints are bold, loud, and long when the people we’re talking about… Continue reading