6 Steps in Building a New Culture

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The Power to Say No

Saying yes when you should say no lets others steer your life.

“You have to be good at saying no and picking the things that really matter.” – Warren Buffet

Where does the power to say no come from?

Live by Aspirations: Stop Using Genetic Wiring as an Excuse

Personality assessments are fun because we are fascinated with ourselves.

Your genetic wiring is a platform, not an excuse for self-affirming apathy or incompetence.

Live by aspirations not limitations.

4 Ways to Have Lousy One-On-Ones

When one-on-ones are tedious, you’re doing them wrong. If they’re draining to you, imagine how everyone else feels.

Stop sucking the life out of people. Zombies aren’t productive.

3 Ways to be Liked and Respected

There’s more to results than being liked and respected. But it’s easier to work hard for someone you like and respect.

3 ways to be liked and respected:

Dear Dan: What Questions Should I Ask My CEO

Dear Dan, I have a new position within our company. Now I report directly to the CEO. What questions should I ask during our first meeting? Sincerely, Bob Dear Bob, Congratulations on earning… Continue reading