3 Ways to Find Enjoyment Today

A coaching client said, “I want a learning plan for myself that’s fun. I don’t need another job.” All learning plans should be fun. The world is wacked when enjoyment feels like a… Continue reading

Efficiency: One Simple Plan to Lose Less Money

Organizations would be rich if they stopped losing money. 20% of every dollar earned by a company in the US is lost to employee time theft. Losses from theft, fraud, and other retail… Continue reading

Advice to My Younger Self

You see who you are by reflecting on who you were. One way to practice self-reflection is to give advice to your younger self. I’ve done this a few times over the years.… Continue reading

Priorities: The One Priority of Leadership

A priority gives direction. Without a priority, leaders squander resources, frustrate people, and live in alarm mode. One website lists 40 leadership priorities. A person with 40 priorities is an exhausted chipmunk with… Continue reading

5 Ways to Manage Emotions that Distort Perception

Emotion distorts the way you see yourself, others, opportunities, and the world. You manage emotions; you don’t control them. (Excluding emotional outburst which should be controlled.) “We don’t see things as they are,… Continue reading

5 Proverbs for People with Big Dreams

#1. An average person in motion is better than a lazy genius with big dreams. #2. Talk inflates. Action humbles. A long list of past and current actions validates character. A long list… Continue reading