How to See the Bad and Pursue the Good

Confronting things you don’t like is part of leadership. Whining and complaining is not. It takes real leadership to see the bad and pursue the good. If you aren’t careful, you become a spiraling… Continue reading

A Leadership Lesson from Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Rudolph was a treasure waiting to be discovered. Irritants become advantages in the right situation. My impatience irritates a person on my team. (It probably irritates lots of people.) I’ll call him Mr.… Continue reading

12 Ways Servant Leaders Serve Others so Others are Free to Serve Others

Servant-leadership turns reciprocity outward. Reciprocity represents a shrinking circle of mutual benefit. “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.”  Servant leaders serve others so others are free to serve others. The normal rules… Continue reading

How to Reimagine and Redesign with Your Team

I wonder if achieving our dreams would ruin us? “I wish that we had torn the ticket up.” Jack Whittaker, winner of $315 million lottery.   How might you and your team need… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Are We Over-Concerned About Fairness

Dear Dan, There is a manager in our company who is very “fairness” oriented. In other words, a primary focus of this manager is that everything be “fair” with employee interactions and day-to-day… Continue reading

How to Get Your Head Out of Your You-Know-What

Self-absorbed leaders unintentionally trivialize the people around them.  Don’t expect extraordinary performance from people you devalue and disrespect.  If you’re really that important, make others feel valued. People who feel respected are more… Continue reading