10 New Ways to Be Practical

If you started over, what would you do differently? One leader from Procter & Gamble said, “I’d . . . be less practical in my career choice, and more passionate; I’d pursue bigger… Continue reading

The Best Leaders Know 3 Things Average Leaders Don’t

The best leaders aren’t made with cookie-cutters. The best leaders know 3 things average leaders don’t: #1. Wiring is only part of the equation. Personality assessments are excuses for lousy leaders to justify… Continue reading

3 Ways to Lead a Know-It-All

You don’t wonder what a know-it-all thinks even though a little mystery would be nice. Know-it-alls close their minds and open their mouths. A know-it-all: 3 ways to lead a know-it-all: #1. Ask… Continue reading

3 Ways to Quiet Constant Complaining

Constant complaining feels good to grumblers. Lousy leaders complain like squawking crows. If they didn’t feel unhappy, they wouldn’t feel anything. Even when you do well, lousy leaders bellyache. Why so much complaining:… Continue reading

Saturday Sage: Productive Doubting

When has doubting been a topic of enthusiastic conversation? Most people don’t brag about doubt. Novices are certain. A sage dances with doubt. “… please run, do not walk, to the nearest exit… Continue reading

7 Ways to Maximize Social Butterflies

People are frustrating.  Accept people for who they are so you can maximize their gifts and minimize their weaknesses. 5 people who drive leaders nuts: Leading social butterflies: Social butterflies relish relationship but… Continue reading