The Cost and Opportunity of Standing-With

You put yourself on the line when you stand-with. Some of my proudest memories are of people I’ve stood-with when it would have been easier to walk-away. I’m not special. It’s likely you’ve… Continue reading

12 Manipulations of Rebels, Fools, and Backstabbers

Novice manipulators are obvious. Skillful manipulators come off as kind and helpful. Avoid being manipulated by spotting the strategies used by manipulators. Strategic manipulation: #1. Pretend you agree when you disagree. #2. Pretend… Continue reading

How The Seduction of Folly Propagates Lousy Leadership

The benefit of folly is enjoyed immediately. Seduction: Delayed consequences intensify folly’s seduction. Bullying is easier than winning hearts. A foolish leader pressures people into compliance. She enjoys a bump in production, in… Continue reading

The Golden Attribute of Leadership You Must Pursue

The song says, “Everybody plays the fool sometimes.” But the goal is wisdom, not less foolishness. The golden attribute of leadership is wisdom. “Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom.” Solomon   Lack of… Continue reading

The Nefarious Danger of Avoiding People

Introverts enjoy people but need time to recharge after being in groups. This post is not about them. I’m talking about withdrawal for nefarious reasons. The meaning of nefarious isolation: Early in life… Continue reading

The Most Important Leadership Attribute

Why piddle around with insignificance? Choose the most important leadership attributes to develop. Decisive or positive: In one poll, the votes are evenly divided between decisiveness and positivity. It’s a difficult choice. You… Continue reading