7 Ways to Give Support Without Prolonging Incompetence

We raised our children to stand on their own two feet. That means we didn’t do things for them that they could do for themselves. I forget how young Mindy was when she… Continue reading

On Broccoli and Peaches – How to Give Challenge and Support

If support is a peach, challenge is broccoli. Peaches are good. Broccoli is good for you. An abundance of peaches makes people complacent and feeble. But too much broccoli makes people disheartened and… Continue reading

I Haven’t Grown Up – Have You?

We all get older but we’re children till we die. When my wife flirts with me, sarcastically I say, “Grow up!” But maybe we shouldn’t grow up. Perhaps we haven’t. Embrace your inner… Continue reading

How Motherhood Makes Many Women Better Leaders

“Motherhood transforms many women into better leaders.” Joann Lublin – Power Moms Lublin writes, “Tapping skills honed as time-starved parents, they set priorities well, multitasked, and delegated effectively.” And motherhood provides even bigger… Continue reading

The Secret to Developing Authentic Leaders on Your Team is One Thing

The worst leaders fail to develop others. (Zenger and Folkman) But you can’t leverage weakness to develop strength. Growth is energized by purpose and strength, not weakness and coercion. Authentic development: Warren Bennis… Continue reading

The 3 Ascending Levels of Leadership Success

“Success comes in cans—I can, you can, we can.” Anonymous Level 1 leadership: Individual performance – I can. Meeting expectation earns a paycheck. Exceeding expectation earns opportunity. Don’t seek favors. Earn opportunities. Earn… Continue reading