Two Breakthrough Questions that Change the Way People Think

We’re like bear cubs clinging to trees when it comes to the way we think. Resistance to change produces stability. You can’t climb a new tree until you come down from the one… Continue reading

Life is About Questions

Life is about questions. Compared to everything that could be known, we’re in diapers. “Telling” plays a role in leadership. Questions advance your leadership. A question-rich environment develops talent. Command and control leaders… Continue reading

4 Questions to Focus your Brain Before it Derails Your Leadership

Focus on something bigger than the wind. Everyone deals with challenges but leaders aren’t derailed by them. Give your brain something to think about beyond pressing issues, urgent deadlines, and nagging problems. You’re… Continue reading

4 Unexpected Realities Real Leaders Learn that Phonies Never Get

The tragedy of phoniness is an empty heart. Real leaders learn to bring their best selves to work. Phonies wear a mask. Phonies become phonies because they’re worried about opinions, approval, and recognition.… Continue reading

Saturday Sage: Build a Better Life with Good Travel Partners

Life is dangerous. Never walk alone. The people you invite into your life reflect the person you will become. What travel partners should you invite into your life – people who mark you,… Continue reading

5 Smart Things to Do When You Feel Confused

Dead people have clarity. The rest of us feel confused. You’ll find a two-headed chicken in the Odditorium of St. Petersburg’s Museum of Natural History. You probably know what being two-headed feels like.… Continue reading