How Busy Managers Practice People Development

You hire the best, but the best can always get better. All organizations are in the people development business. People development is the heart of organizational development. People development is: Equipping people to… Continue reading

3 Ways to Increase Personal Energy

A person without energy is dying. Exhausted leaders have neglected personal energy. 4 kinds of personal energy: Physical energy concerns your body. Movement, rest, and nutrition impact physical energy. Emotional energy concerns perception.… Continue reading

5 Ways to Become a Gifted Adviser

An eager adviser is seldom sought-after. A person who loves telling others what to do is blind to their own arrogance. An excited adviser needs advice. 5 Ways to become a gifted adviser:… Continue reading

5 Energizing Conversation Starters for One-on-Ones

One-on-ones are drudgery if all you discuss is past to-dos and new assignments. Create a list of conversation starters that energize your one-on-ones. People are too valuable, and time is too short to… Continue reading

16 Simple Ways You Can Lead Engaging Meetings

Engaging meetings are like snow in summer. We’re better than this. Plan for engagement if you want engaging meetings. 16 Ways to Lead Engaging Meetings: Have a junior member of the team lead… Continue reading

Courage to Become a Leader

You begin with a dream, but the real issue is courage – courage to become a leader. “Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself.” Warren Bennis Dying people regret their lack of… Continue reading