Imitation is Not a 4-Letter Word – Choose your Models Carefully

It’s blindness to think you aren’t an imitator. Luke Burgis changed the way I understand myself. Let’s begin with wanting. “Humans learn – through imitation – to want the same things other people… Continue reading

How Leaders Become Real – Lessons from Pinocchio

Pinocchio was a block of wood until Geppetto shaped him into a marionette that eventually become a real boy. Pinocchio was alive but he wasn’t real. Becoming real: #1. Guides. You never become… Continue reading

How to Use the Power of Suggestion Like a Leader

Thank goodness they didn’t make us read the potential side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine when we arrived for our second shot. I shouldn’t have read the two page ‘death manual’ when we… Continue reading

A Leader Without Priorities is a Chipmunk on Steroids

A chipmunk on steroids is always hungry. He drops the nut in his paws to grab the imploring nut that just plunked beside him. Trivialities mesmerize in organizations that lack priorities. 5 truths… Continue reading

How to Manage Your Schedule When Your Hair is on Fire

Overcommitment is sprinting into oblivion with your hair on fire. Self-management is less about getting stuff done and more about your relationship with time. Effect of overcommitment: You can’t enjoy leading with a… Continue reading

The Secret to Managing Your Schedule isn’t about Your Calendar

The vulgarity of busyness destroys effectiveness. Life is a burning ant hill in many organizations. But crazy schedules reflect people, not time management skills. Life is manageable only when you manage your calendar.… Continue reading