The 5 Powers of Shared Commitment

A leader who refuses to call for shared commitment embraces pointless turmoil. An inability to create shared commitments propels you toward frantic mediocrity. The doorway to meaningful achievement swings on the hinges of… Continue reading

How to Ride a Bike – Where Courage Comes From

Between theory and practice is anxiety. It’s comfortable learning about riding a bike, even exciting. But, getting on the seat for the first time takes courage. I asked several leaders, “How does one… Continue reading

What Makes Some Leaders Ugly and Others Beautiful

“Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference.” Aristotle It doesn’t matter how much jewelry you put in a pig’s snout. It still stinks. Unattractive people can be like gentle… Continue reading

The 5 Powers of Experience. Do You Have Them?

You’re a novice every time you do something you’ve never done before. Overconfidence is the painful pitfall of gullible inexperience. Pain awaits when you feel like you know but you don’t. Experienced novices… Continue reading

How Give-and-Take Multiplies Talent and Influence

I’d never thrive as a fire chief. Curiosity comes naturally to me. It’s unnatural for me to make statements before asking questions. If you ask me one question, I’ll ask you four. The… Continue reading

7 Ways to Maximize Talented Naysayers

It offends me when “good” ideas are resisted and rejected. Anyone who explains what won’t work before considering how it might work is a resistant, naysaying, uncommitted footdragger. But what if the opposite… Continue reading