Could Artificial Intelligence Launch Missiles – I Asked ChatGPT

I asked the following question to ChatGPT, “What is dangerous about the development of artificial intelligence?” Even artificial intelligence thinks AI is dangerous. 5 Dangers of Artificial Intelligence according to ChatGPT: Specific dangers… Continue reading

3 Reasons People Follow You

#1. People follow you because you believe in them. The legendary basketball coach, John Wooden, believed in his players. Basketball was second. People were first. He treated people as individuals with value. Belief… Continue reading

Complete These 10 Sentences Before Seeking Recommendations

Uncertainty breeds gullibility. Frail people desire freedom from responsibility. Frustrated people sniff out confirming voices. You can always find some fool to offer recommendations that feel good. Stupid advice seems smart to the… Continue reading

Why We Overcomplicate Things

Smart people complicate simplicity. Sincere people overcomplicate life by worrying about everybody’s feelings. Aspirational people overcomplicate work by overachieving insignificance. “Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it… Continue reading

4 Reasons We Make Dumb Decisions and 7 Ways to Make Smart Decisions

Our ability to develop solutions that don’t work is only exceeded by our capacity to misjudge. Daniel Kahneman identified nearly 40 cognitive biases in Thinking, Fast and Slow. All lead to bad decisions.… Continue reading

A Comedy Makes Pfizer’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Feel Alone

Tears streamed down Sally Susman’s face while she watched The Intern on the return flight from business in Europe. It was Spring, 2016. She felt alone. Robert De Niro becomes Ann Hathaway’s best… Continue reading