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How to Solve the Garbage Problem in Leadership

You insult your friends, colleagues, and your maker, when you neglect your abilities. But, worst of all, you insult yourself. Garbage is neglected; valuables cherished. Stop treating yourself like rubbish. Develop your gift.… Continue reading

Rubbing the Genie

Rub the genie to get three wishes. In organizations, rubbing the genie includes telling leaders what they want to hear. It’s an act of foolishness or profound friendship to speak the truth to… Continue reading

Don’t Go with Your Gut

Everyone has an inner voice, intuition, or feelings that something is right or wrong. Your gut could be wrong. Don’t trust it. Ask the poker player who went all-in and lost. What about… Continue reading

Isolated Leadership: Dangers and Solutions

Isolated leaders inevitably run down, grow ineffective, and become irrelevant. Closed systems die slow deaths. Don’t wait for the energy fairy. She ain’t coming. What happens when you place a frog in water… Continue reading

Why, “Do More with Less,” is Stupid

“Do more with less,” demotivates employees. It’s code for work harder. If they’re already working hard, they think, “The more I give the more they want. I’m giving less.” “Do more with less,”… Continue reading

The Three Conversations that Follow Feedback

Three conversations follow negative feedback; excuse, denial, and/or tell-me-more. Excuse-conversations blame. Everyone who says, “It’s not my fault,” subtly or directly says, “I’m not responsible for my negative behavior, they are.” Excuses are… Continue reading