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Overcoming the 7 Deadly Results of Meddling

Passion for excellence, demand to meet numbers, slow progress, and fierce competition drive managers to step in and “help.” Never help without asking, it’s meddling. Ask first; ask often. Don’t reserve, “How can… Continue reading

Finding Focus: 12 Leadership Focal Points

Ever end the day worn out but wondering what you accomplished. Coach Wooden warned, “Never confuse activity with achievement.” Life without focus is wasted. Worse yet, wrong focus guarantees wrong results. Don’t focus… Continue reading

Recollections of an Empty Cup

It’s the one year anniversary of my accident. I remember rehab. There’s pain, discouragement, and negativity in every hospital. Alongside darkness, you’ll find hope and healing in the people who work there. I… Continue reading

The Power of Receiving

New leaders find giving help easier than receiving help but receiving is necessary. Supporting others earns promotions. Receiving help expands impact and maximizes the talents of others. Doug Conant, author and former CEO… Continue reading

Overcoming the Downside of Pursuing Excellence

The problem with the pursuit of excellence is there is no done, only better. Done satisfies. Move on. Yes! There is no check box in the pursuit of excellence. The second challenge with… Continue reading

How to Have Life Changing Conversations

Your job is bringing out the best in others by the way you interact with them. Well timed, well executed conversation change people’s lives. First: Determine and affirm aspirations and goals. Never have conversations… Continue reading