Leaders treating others like dogs

We owned a miniature dachshund that joyfully welcomed us home every day. He’s gone now and frankly, we miss the sound of his miniature paws paddling around on our floors.

One day I came home to a “normal” welcome-home from my wife and realized that we acted more excited to see Spunkie than we did to see each other. In that moment I said to my wife Dale, “I wish I was a dog.”

The conversation that followed was both fun and enlightening. Since then, when Dale comes home I go to greet her with appreciation and she does the same for me. Perhaps we are not quite as exuberant as we were with Spunkie. She doesn’t scratch me behind the ears and I don’t walk her into the back yard.

Sometimes, when I come home, I bark to let her know I’m home.

We’re having fun treating each other like dogs.

Leaders would do well to treat their constituents like dogs.

#1. Doggy directions are clear, simple, and direct.

#2. Doggy success is quickly and generously appreciated.

Leaders would do well to act like dogs.

#1. Dogs don’t make unnecessary demands.

#2. Dogs express inordinate enjoyment and appreciation for minor affections.

#3. Dogs are loyal even when we disappoint.

#4. Dogs never play games. You always know exactly how they feel and what they think.

Here’s Tuesday’s leadership challenge. Treat others like dogs.


What dog qualities should leaders exhibit?

What would happen if leaders treated others like dogs?