Five sure fire ways to spot a Great Coach

You don’t clearly see yourself; no one does.

  • You sell yourself short – you need to be lifted.
  • You’re arrogant – you need a courageous push-back.
  • Your ideas seem right because they’re yours – you need tough questions.

You don’t need someone to do your job. You need someone to bring out the best you, to minimize weaknesses and maximize strengths.

All leaders need someone who is insightful, honest, and courageous enough to ask the right questions and share what they hear and see. All leaders need a coach.

5 ways to identify a capable coach:

  1. Skilled coaches help you slow down by nurturing curiosity.
  2. Gifted coaches repeat your thoughts in ways that help you think in new ways.
  3. Wise coaches ask questions that help you find your answers.
  4. Prudent coaches hold you accountable to yourself.
  5. Encouraging coaches believe in you.

The first two questions great coaches ask:

Over my career scores of people have offered me suggestions, counsel, recommendations and advice. Often they have their own agenda, not mine. Most of them demonstrated their incompetence because they didn’t ask the most important questions.

  1. What are you trying to achieve “today”?
  2. Who do you want to be “tomorrow”?
  3. What is the way forward?
The first question I ask when I’m asked for coaching is what are you trying to accomplish? Surprisingly, answers are frequently ambiguous. You can’t move forward until you’re clear on where to go.

One of the best things a coach offers:

You need someone that believes in you; someone whose sole interest is lifting you higher. You need a great coach.

How do you identify a skilled coach?