Six Positive Ways to Rise Above Negativity

You’ll never be great and negative at the same time.


The positive side of negativity is you’ll eventually be right. Bad things happen. Problems arise. Crisis is inevitable. Being right, however, doesn’t create success.

Negativity blocks your future, limits your potential, and stymies your achievement. Negativity creates paralyzing dead end thinking.

Your greatness depends on your ability to deal with negativity.

All great leaders believe they can make a positive difference.

Dealing with negativity:

#1. Own your negativity. You can’t fix what you don’t own.

#2. Own your negativity but don’t excuse it. Get over saying, “I’m not a pessimist, I’m just a realist.”

#3. Not all negativity is bad. Anticipating problems, resistance, choke points, and other difficulties helps leaders devise strategies and solutions. The down-side is imagined problems block forward progress.

#4. Confidence reinforces positive attitudes. Lack of self-confidence energizes negativity. If you can’t believe you’re capable, believe you can become capable. Confidence transforms “I can’t” into “I’ll learn.”

#5. Stop making negative statements based on speculations.  When you don’t know the facts, sadly, you may make them up. Get the facts rather than feeding negativity with speculations.

#6. Establish aggressive deadlines. Long time-lines are the seedbed of negative speculations. Aggressive, yet achievable deadlines, lead you away from speculation to action. Action beats speculation every time!

Bonus: Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

How can negative people develop positive attitudes?