Creating Your New Future

It’s better to fail at achieving a new future than continue living below your potential.

Saying you’re wrong is the path to being right.

Saying you’re wrong isn’t saying you are lazy, insincere, or stupid. It’s acknowledging that your past isn’t creating the future you hope to build.

It took me half a life time to courageously embrace wrongness. Sincere tenacity coupled with my investment in methods that hadn’t worked established a treadmill of unsatisfying achievement.

If you try, you may fail. If you never try, you always fail.

Courage not fear builds your future.

Fearing what could happen congeals your past. Fear stalls progress by overstating difficulty and adversity. Fear is survival mode. Courage, on the other hand, creates opportunity mode.

Courageously naming your fears is the first step to overcoming them.

Honesty with yourself precedes honesty with others.

If you have no fears one of two things is true. You have reached enlightenment or you’re blind. I haven’t reached enlightenment, have you?

The second step is talking over your fears with someone who’ll listen.

Find someone who explores ideas; avoid fixers. At this stage awareness is the goal. Fixing too soon hinders self-awareness and masks pain. Identifying pain-points identifies untapped trust-points.

Courageously express faith in your ability to recreate and contribute.

I’ve been asked how I’m able to write an article every day. There are three basic reasons. First, I committed to write 5 days a week and I’m tenacious. Second, I trust myself. Courage springs from trust. Third, I put more in my cup than I pour out.

How are you creating your new future?