Second Guessing Sucks

Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you make a choice. You’re driving down the road and realize you aren’t comfortable.

Choices expose what we really want.

Maybe you feel trapped because you already decided. How can we make the rubber hit the road without creating a binding decision.

Make nonbinding decisions:

Public decisions are harder to change than private. Keeping decisions private allows space for change.

When you have an important decision to make, make it with a small group of trusted leaders. Say, “This is what we’re going to do.” But, keep it private. Give everyone a night to sleep on it. Come together the next day to finalize things. Determine if the decision is a keeper. If it’s a keeper, put the car in gear and start driving.

Understanding second guessing:

Second guessing paralyzes.

Second guessing shouldn’t suggest you made a wrong choice. If you’re a second guesser, it doesn’t matter what choice you make, you’ll second guess.

Second guessing always takes the opposite position. When you choose “A” over “B” you’ll wonder about “B.” If you choose “B” you’ll wonder about “A.”

There’s nothing virtuous or noble about the ability to second guess. Make a good choice and keep driving forward unless circumstances change or new information emerges that calls for changing direction.

Tip: If you can’t change direction, you’ll never enjoy sustained success.


How do deal with second guessing?

What is your decision making strategy?


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