Dealing with Jerk-Bosses

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Everyone has a jerk-boss, sooner or later.

Don’t worry if your boss is a jerk to everyone; worry if he singles you out.

If the boss is a jerk to everyone, you have three options:

  1. Change him. (Good luck)
  2. Live with it.
  3. Change jobs.

If you choose option #1, be prepared for option #3!

If the boss is a jerk to you, but not to everyone:

  1. Is she playing favorites?
  2. Is he threatened?
  3. Is it you?

If your boss is playing favorites or threatened – change her, live with it, or change jobs.

Is it you:

If there’s a chance the trouble with your boss is you, assume it’s you! Grab the bull by the horns and ask yourself some tough questions.

  1. Are you overestimating your value and performance? It’s more likely you are than you aren’t.
  2. Is it blind-spots? Everyone has them. Are you overestimating your positive traits and minimizing negatives? The only way to spot blind-spots is through the eyes of others.
  3. Is it personal? Have you offended them? Seek forgiveness.
  4. Are you aligned with organizational goals? Do you fully embrace the direction of your organization or are you rowing in your own direction? If you’re too good to help others, you’re the ass! Shut up and grab an oar.
  5. Are you a whiner? Gratitude solves whining. When was the last time you said, “Thank you.”


Never let a jerk-boss be your excuse for poor performance.

But, what if they take credit for your work, like jerk-bosses do? Do your best for you.

But, what if they don’t appreciate you? Never let a jerk-boss be your excuse to be a jerk.

But, what if they are threatened? Scaling back hurts everyone, especially you. Continue performing and lavish credit on everyone.

What are the best ways to deal with jerk-bosses?

How do people cause their own troubles with the boss?