10 Steps on the Winner’s Journey


Image source by Peter Griffin

#1.  Describe wins simply; one word if possible.

#2.  Move from simplicity to clarity.

  • Explain what you don’t want. Tap your frustrations for guidance. Everyone knows what they don’t want.
  • Move from negatives to positives. “I want to stop losing my temper.” Controlling your temper is stopping something, a “don’t want.”
    Stopping or preventing helps but there’s more. A positive win could be asking two questions while maintaining low tones, for example.
  • The win in this example could be, “Harness anger.”
  • Define purpose. Why harness anger? What’s the real reason?

#3.  Make winning a series of clear destinations, not a onetime event.

A journey is a series of destinations,
not simply wandering around.

#4.  Win sooner than later, today is best. Win again tomorrow. Winners create a series of wins.

#5.  Describe two behaviors that create today’s win. Avoid behaviors you’d like to do. Describe behaviors you can do.

#6.  Identify counterproductive behaviors. Thursday I had a conversation about time management with my coach, Bob Hancox. I brought up email. Answering emails when they arrive is being managed by email. I’m turning off that dang dinger (negative) and scheduling “respond to email” times (positive).

#7.  Build sustaining relationships. What relationships help you win? What hinder? Which relationships call for transformation? How? Seek sustaining relationships with trusted:

  • Clients. Yes, transform a trusted client into an ally.
  • Colleagues.
  • Family.
  • Employees. Show direct reports that personal development matters.
  • Coaches or mentors. I’ve found being and having a coach one of leadership’s most productive development activities.

Transparency, vulnerability and positive direction
define winning relationships.

#8.  Evaluate progress. When will you evaluate progress? With who?

#9.  Pat yourself on the back. When and how will you celebrate? Who celebrates with you?

#10. Redefine the win. Return to the center, frequently.

Bonus: Start again.

How are you creating personal wins?

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