The Real Secrets to Creating Ownership

No one cares like an owner. But, the more you own the less they own.

keys to ownership

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No one wants to own what you own too.

Individuals take ownership, you can’t give it. When someone gives you something you don’t want, you protest. “No thanks.” If it’s forced on you, you take possession but not ownership.

Possession is assigned; ownership is taken.

Ownership factors:

  1. Owners desire what they own. I worked and saved for the first bike I bought as a kid. I wanted that bike. Ownership is about desire not assignment.
  2. Control expresses ownership; those who own, control. If you control everything, they own nothing, regardless of roles or assignments.
  3. Owners sit at the table. If direct reports never attend meetings, you still own what they only possess.
  4. Owners speak for themselves. Bosses who report for you are the real owners. Bosses who won’t let you speak usually take credit in the end because they owned it all the time.
  5. Reward reflects ownership. The people receiving recognition and reward are real owners. Who gets the pat on the back?

Inspiring ownership:

Ownership is about them, first. Individual desire motivates ownership. You own what you want.

  1. What personal or career goals pull them forward?
  2. What aptitudes and passions drive them?
  3. Where do they best align organizational mission and vision? Alignment is found never forced.
  4. What organizational future most fuels their fire?
  5. What makes them proud?
  6. Why are they still with the organization?

Focus more on people and less on projects to inspire ownership. Are you spending most of your time explaining projects and little time understanding people? You’re still the owner.

What blocks ownership?

How are you creating ownership?