13 Power Tips for Leading Through Uncertainty


It’s certain that we live in uncertain times.

13 Power Tips for Leading through Uncertainty:

  1. Pull with – not against, higher ups. Grab the rope and pull, even if you disagree. Everyone who pulls in their own direction dilutes potential success. If you can’t pull with, jump ship, now.
  2. Aim to make a positive difference. Don’t simply survive. Survival doesn’t inspire.
  3. Listen and agree with expressions of fear. People feel minimized when you minimize their feelings. Affirm don’t correct. Ask, “What makes you feel that way?”
  4. Schedule a “hard truth” meeting to explore worst case scenarios, fears, doubts, and what if’s. The sole purpose is honest expression without solutions. Paint black pictures. Prevent anyone from minimizing or solving anything. Honor and respect pain and fear. You look like a fool when you ignore the obvious. End “hard truth” meetings with power tip #5.
  5. Schedule “tough solutions” meetings.
  6. Break challenges and problems into small pieces. Ask, “Can we fix this?” When you find something you can fix, ask, “What can we do?”
  7. Develop imperfect solutions. The search for perfect solutions creates uncertainty.
  8. Learn as you go.
  9. Celebrate small wins. Enjoy how far you’ve come. Momentarily forget how far you must go.
  10. Focus on things within your power. Uncertainty focuses on factors outside your control; decisions made by others, economic downturns, or regulatory fiascos, for example.
  11. Focus on positive behaviors and less on speculations. Uncertainty always causes speculation. Repeatedly ask, “What can we do.” But remember to embrace power tip #1, first.
  12. Speak hard truths optimistically. Express highest points of confidence. “I’m not sure how this turns out but I’m giving it my best.” Pretending everything’s ok doesn’t instill confidence in those who know it’s not.
  13. Connect with others who faced similar uncertainties and challenges.

Bonus: Remain emotionally steady.

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Which power tips are most difficult and why?

What power tips can you add to the list?