Breathing Life into the Walking Dead

dead flowers

Image source by David Wagner

Leaders with nowhere to grow are blind, self-indulgent fools. They’re the walking dead.

Every time you know more than those around you, growth stops – death begins.

I spent most of my early leadership years believing I was someone I wasn’t. I felt smarter and more skilled than I actually was. Others were the problem, not me. I repeated ineffective behaviors because I was “right.”

Those who focus on changing others while neglecting their own growth, become the walking dead.

Leaders who aren’t developing leadership skills believe they’ve arrived. Sound dangerous?  It’s worse than dangerous; it’s zombie land. Unleash growth by feeling dissatisfaction with your current leadership skills.

Dissatisfaction with others is easy.
Dissatisfaction with self, stings.

Forget balance, it’s for weaklings and milquetoasts. Jump overboard when it comes to growing your leadership skills.

  1. Observe yourself. Imagine you’re floating in the corner of your office invisibly watching. Monitor interactions. Observe responses from others. Are you inspiring?
  2. Serve others so others can serve others. Growth happens when you help others grow. Enabling “others to serve others” requires humility. Share your skills. Provide opportunities for others, don’t take them for yourself. “Serving others so they can serve others” means helping them do things you easily do.
  3. Take personal assessments. My leadership coach, Bob Hancox, recently gave me the ProD Leadership assessment. I recommend it.
  4. Grow content with discontent. Growth is on the other side of average. Mediocre leaders fear letting go of average.
  5. Personally own your aspirations for exponential impact. Just say it! Don’t hang your head in false humility. Tell someone you want to matter. Embrace your ache for meaning, don’t snuff it out.

Life always means growth. What isn’t growing is dead.

What prevents leaders from growing?

How can leaders grow their own leadership skills and potential?