Seven Ways to Scrape the Bone

surgical instrument

This is the twenty-fourth installment of ABC’s for leaders. Today, it’s “X”. I know five “X” words.

  1. Xerox
  2. Xenophobia
  3. Xylophone
  4. Xanadu
  5. X-ray

Last time I did the ABC’s for leaders, I used Xanadu. It’s 5:00 a.m. My coffee cup is only half empty.  I’m not in the mood to write about an idyllic, beautiful place.

Thankfully, a Facebook contributor (7/24/2013) offered a delightfully disgusting “X” word that sent me to The Free Dictionary, xyster.

Xyster: a surgical instrument for scraping bones. Thanks to Rick Thomason for making me queasy this morning.

I’m not sure if having your bones scraped hurts, but it should, if it doesn’t. I’m using xyster for painful repeated frustrations – bone scraping.

Repeated frustration:

The best pains are the ones that come back again and again. They can’t be ignored.

Rule of thumb: If it keeps hurting, listen!

Leprosy includes the loss of sensation. That means you could burn yourself and not know it. Be thankful for repeated frustrations, without them, some of us would burn up before we changed.

Rule of thumb: if it keeps hurting, change something!

The worst thing you can do with repeated frustrations is nothing. The fear things will never change paralyzes. We say things like:

  1. Just live with it.
  2. Focus on the good stuff.
  3. It’s not that big a deal.
  4. You’ll just make it worse.

Pain says, “Deal with it. Don’t live with it.”

7 ways to scrape the bone:

  1. Acknowledge and identify repeated frustrations. Bring them up in team meetings, for example.
  2. Overcome victim thinking and learned helplessness. Tighten your belt and face the darkness.
  3. Explore new behaviors and options with trusted advisors.
  4. Tell others you’re working to make things better – accountability.
  5. Evaluate progress.
  6. Learn and adapt.
  7. Start over again. Those who can’t start again, never get there.

How can leaders deal with repeated frustrations?

How can leaders help others deal with repeated frustrations?

Believe it or not, there’s a list of leadership X’s on the Leadership Freak Facebook Page. While you’re there, add leadership Y’s for tomorrow’s post.

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