8 Growth Principles that Transform Leadership

Radical growth is the messiest – most painful – part of leadership.

Death precedes life.

Incremental growth is walking down familiar paths carrying the same assumptions. But, the first – real step – toward exponential growth is a profound and dreadful letting go.

the point of pain

Letting go:

Exponential growth is letting go of one rope while reaching for another. The more essential the growth-moment the greater the temptation to not let go.

Letting go feels like an indictment of the past.

Individuals, relationships, and organizations grow when they let go of worn expectations and assumptions. A family life example may help.

Parents develop relationships with their adult children when they stop thinking – let go – of their children as children and think of them as adults. Identities, roles, goals, and relationships radically change.

Refusing to let go destroys growth and opportunity.

8 radical growth principles:

  1. Believe there’s a higher purpose and meaning for your life, leadership, or organization. Faith enables growth.
  2. Explore uncertainties. But don’t wallow, believe.
  3. Learning includes letting go. You never learn when all you do is defend what you know.
  4. Walk toward fear and frustration. They point the way.
  5. Listen to those who have endured the darkness.
  6. Return to what you believed before you started living to please others.
  7. Declare yourself and your intentions. Radical growth confuses others.
  8. Realize change happens quickly on the inside, even though it took a long time to get there. But, change on the outside continues to be painfully slow.

7 indications you’re on the growth-path:

Radical growth results in:

  1. Personal brokenness.
  2. Openness.
  3. Humility.
  4. Compassion for others and self.
  5. Gentleness.
  6. Service. Giving yourself includes finding yourself.
  7. Opportunity.

Growth may begin with frustration and pain but it ends with greater fruitfulness.

What have you learned from growing through radical growth moments?