15 Secrets to Overcoming the Dark Side of Dreaming

Lofty dreams have a dark side when they devalue slow, incremental progress.

Don’t wait for giant leaps toward noble dreams.

sleeping flamingos

Successful leaders bringing dreams to life in the present.

Warning: Big dreams don’t guarantee success.

Unsuccessful dreamers:

  1. Can’t figure out what to do today.
  2. Wonder what’s wrong with others when they don’t “get it.”
  3. Resist structure, process, and organization.
  4. Grow negative when progress is slow.
  5. Dwell on what’s wrong.
  6. Don’t celebrate the achievements of others. Aspiration minimizes affirmation.
  7. Think of people as a means to an end.
  8. Struggle getting on someone elses team.
  9. Don’t have time to develop people.
  10. Run to the next thing before the first thing gets off the ground.

Successful dreamers:

  1. Rise above the thought that telling inspires people.
  2. Respect the power of connection. Move forward in relationship.
  3. Embrace diversity as strength. Dreamers need doers more than doers need dreamers.
  4. Say, “Thank you,” till they feel sick of saying it. Then, they say it some more.
  5. Realize optimism, positivity, and affirmation are more attractive than discontent.
  6. Understand their negativity frustrates others.
  7. Finish stuff. Create short-term goals and celebrate achievements.
  8. Don’t say, “Yes and,” not, “Yeah but…”
  9. Say, “We’re getting there.”
  10. Share frustrations with trusted friends and allies.
  11. Keep trying stuff. It’s better to try 10 things and succeed at two than to try nothing at all.
  12. Give others as much freedom as they expect others to give them.
  13. Talk over dreams in private before going public.
  14. Dream dreams that require teams. It’s one thing to dream; it’s another to lead a team toward the dream.
  15. Express dissatisfaction in positive ways. Think, “What can be done more than what’s not being done.”

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