The Most Challenging Leadership Skill of All

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Successful entrepreneurs need *five essential leadership skills:

  1. Self-Awareness: understanding your motivations, traits, and skills.
  2. Enterprise Basics: understanding how an enterprise works and what an enterprise needs from it’s leader at each of it’s stages of maturity.
  3. Relationship Building: forming new relationships and making existing relationships stronger.
  4. Motivation: Making others passionate about helping you become successful.
  5. Leading Change: Leading people to willingly change what they already do successfully.

*From, “Startup Leadership.”

Derek believes these five skills do not require any special traits and are within the abilities of anyone who has driving motivation to develop them.

Most challenging:

Your biggest challenge isn’t a tough conversation or an unmotivated employee. Success begins within. The most challenging leadership skill is “Self-Awareness.”

“The difference between success and failure isn’t just tactical, it’s personal.” Derek Lidow

In his own words (1:57): 

Facing the challenge:

You think you are something you aren’t. You know who you are in relationship with others not on your own. It’s awkward, but others help you see.

If you’re fortunate, someone will tell you something about yourself that you don’t expect or like.The first time it happens it hurts.  Lean in!

Respect those with the love and courage to tell you what they see.

The words you want to push away, pull in. Your toughest change is changing the way you see yourself.

I told a business man with poor organizational skills that the skillful organizer on his team represented his future. His ego didn’t let him hear what I said.

Successful leaders cherish these surprising conversations.

Has someone helped you see yourself? What happened?

How do leaders enhance their self-awareness?

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