One Thing That Always Defeats Confusion

Confused people think everything matters equally. Never give all thoughts and options equal weight.

The four results of confusion are:

  1.     Doubt.
  2.     Fear.
  3.     Inaction.
  4.     Self-affirmation that inaction was wise.


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Confusion, although painful, is a comfort to those afraid to move forward. When confusion wins, everything continues on as it was.

Fueling confusion:

Fearful leaders focus on uncertainties. Uncertainties fuel confusion. Big decisions never feel safe.

A miserable present feels safer than an uncertain future. That’s why you choose hover-mode.

Uncertainty is a smokescreen. Why? The future is always uncertain. But, when it’s time to make big decisions, we act as though an uncertain future is some new surprising thing.

The front-story:

Confusion thrives when you focus on the past. The front-story matters more than the back-story. Think more about where you want to go and who you want to be.

Glance at the past.

Face the brutal present. Big decisions are necessary because the present is unacceptable.

Advisers need to know the front-story more than the back-story. They don’t need to know how you got here. They need to know where you want to go.

Ignorance is an advantage.

One thing:

All you really need to know is what’s important now.

Outcomes are always uncertain. Align behaviors with what matters now.

Clarity tips:

  1. Identify and address your greatest pain-point. Pain points the way.
  2. Remember the future is the present if you don’t change today.
  3. Clarity is the result of elimination. Throw out, at least temporarily, less important issues.
  4. Focus on issues where you have most control. Inserting issues is a smokescreen.
  5. Play the movie forward and ask, “What will I most regret if I leave it undone?”

Point of comfort: complexity, confusion, and fear always precede simplicity, clarity, and courage.

How can leaders find clarity in confusion?