15 Ways to Connect with the Boss

Butting heads with the boss won’t help your career. You’ll be branded as a troublemaker regardless of who’s at fault.

Connect with higher-ups if you expect to move up.


Hard truth:

Good performers, who connect with higher ups, move up faster and further than high performers who don’t. Resist this principle to your own harm.

15 ways to connect with the boss:

  1. Help your boss get where they want to go. That means you must understand their professional and organizational goals.
  2. Give them more information, if they keep asking about your work.
  3. Align with their style of communication. Do they prefer face-to-face, email, or phone?
  4. Let them determine the nature of your relationship. Are they casual or formal?
  5. Send a weekly update email that highlights your activities. Make it brief.
  6. Make things better with a minimum of negativity.
  7. Interact with your boss’s boss carefully.
  8. Deliver great results.
  9. Solve your own problems.
  10. Ask for advice.
  11. Say please and thank you.
  12. Send congratulatory notes.
  13. Disagree kindly, calmly, and with solutions.
  14. Speak hard truths in private.
  15. Don’t ask them to spend political capital on you.

Bonus: Be sincere and always act with integrity.

The way you lead the relationship with your boss is an indication of your leadership ability.

What are the best ways to connect with the boss?