Results Aren’t the Real Issue

Results never magically appear just because you want them. Wanting and producing are two different things.

Future results aren’t real.

puff of smoke

Its easy to want to be a successful leader. Only fools want to fail. But, wanting to be a successful leader isn’t the real issue.

Successful leaders identify the behaviors that result in successful leadership.


Unsuccessful leaders confuse results with the real issue. Behaviors are the real issue.

Ask the average leader about the behaviors that characterize successful leadership and they typically explain an unseen result. They say things like successful leaders communicate and encourage.

Think of communication as a result. What behaviors let you know communication is happening? Failures talk about communication. Successful leaders describe behaviors that result in communication.

Apart from behaviors that result in communication, communication is a comforting cliche.

Think of communication as a noun, not a verb. Communication is the unseen result. Behaviors are the real issue.

Think about encouragement in the same way. Encouragement is a result not a behavior. You’re doomed to fail until you describe behaviors that result in encouragement.


Describe one behavior that results in communication or encouragement and you’re dealing with the real issues leadership.

If you can’t see it being done, it’s wishful thinking.

The most important thing about wanting to be a successful leader isn’t wanting. It’s identifying the behaviors that result in leadership.

Telling yourself you’re a communicator or an encourager doesn’t make it real. Just like sleeping in a garage doesn’t make you a car.

Results never happen until you describe the behaviors that produce them.

Rise above descriptions of results. Describe real behaviors that produce results.

Behaviors that produce results are the real issue.