12 Powerful Ways to Make People Feel Powerful

Lousy leaders feel powerful by making others feel powerless.

You can’t grasp power and give it at the same time.

Leaders who fear losing power are afraid to make others feel powerful.


3 things powerless leaders think:

  1. Don’t outshine me.
  2. I matter most.
  3. I’m right behind you. You take the risk.

4 things powerless people think:

  1. No one listens.
  2. No one notices.
  3. It won’t work.
  4. The boss doesn’t care.

7 beliefs that inspire feelings of power:

  1. Personal skills and passions are relevant and respected. You belong.
  2. Hard works pays off. Drifting is called out.
  3. Progress is respected.
  4. Success is likely.
  5. Honest mistakes are learning experiences.
  6. Seizing current opportunities leads to new opportunities.
  7. Leadership recognizes and supports effort.

Those who feel powerful act with boldness.

12 powerful ways to make others feel powerful:

  1. Answer confusion by defining success.
  2. Give others as many choices as possible. Choice makes you feel powerful.
  3. Get people focused on what they can control rather than what they can’t. It’s natural to think about what won’t work. Focusing on what you can’t do causes people to feel powerless.
  4. Create roadmaps to success with short-term wins. People feel powerful when they believe they can win. How will people know they are winning today? Winning enhances power; losing drains it.
  5. Surrender power to create power. Let others have power.
  6. Give choices. Choices make people feel powerful. How are you giving choices today?
  7. Engage others early, frequently, and deeply. It may be faster in the beginning to do it yourself, but in the end, you get further with engagement.
  8. Be reliable. Fear grows when leaders aren’t reliable.
  9. Make decisions. Uncertainty drains power.
  10. Make others believe their voice matters.
  11. Eliminate complexity.
  12. Lower doubt and anxiety.

Feelings of power increase with feelings of usefulness.

How do leaders make others feel powerless? Powerful?

Who made you feel powerful? What did they do?