7 Ways to Deal with Weakness in Others

I’m kicking myself for the way I responded to his enthusiasm.

He’s energized about the possibility of a new role. I reminded him of one thing he doesn’t do well.

I’m playing not to lose. He’s playing to win. Successful leaders do both.

stack of matches

Skillful leaders ignite energy; fools quench it.

7 ways to deal with weakness in others and fuel energy:

  1. Accept weaknesses in others and yourself. Organizations that reject people with weaknesses, invite everyone to shut-up and fake it. Acceptance of weakness opens the door for mitigation.
  2. Make it safe for others to acknowledge weaknesses by acknowledging yours.
  3. Address weakness in others by asking, “What aspects of this new role give you the most trouble?”
  4. How would you like to deal with the aspects of your new role that don’t get you jazzed?
    • Develop skills.
    • Team up with someone who has strengths in this area.
    • Push through and gut it out until you get good at it.
    • Coach through it.
    • Change the job description, if possible.
  5. Assign new roles, temporarily. Try it for a month and monitor energy and performance with them. Work through issues, don’t just talk through. You can’t solve an imagined problem.
    • Identify key success factors. What is essential for success?
    • Maximize strengths. What strengths and motivations make this new role attractive?
    • Don’t magnify small negatives.
  6. Get on their team. Establish weekly follow-ups.
    • What’s working?
    • What’s not working?
    • What brings you energy?
    • What drains you?
    • What will you do differently next time?
    • What will you stop doing?
    • How can I help?
  7. Modify the role. Compensate for weakness by assigning some aspects of the job to others.

Energized teammates take you further than drained.

Successful leaders monitor, manage, and fuel energy in others, especially while dealing with weaknesses.

How can leaders deal with weaknesses in others and energize them at the same time?