15 Ways to Deal with Strong People

The depth of the team determines the height of success.

A team of strong people goes further, faster, if they all pull together.

greatest strengths

15 ways to deal with strong people:

  1. See strength in irritation. Realize the things that irritate you about others may be their greatest strengths.
  2. Don’t elevate conformists and demonize contrarians. Ask yourself what happens if you follow the contrarian’s passion. Will it make you better?
  3. Give wide liberty and strong direction to strong people. Tell them where you’re going so they know how to align with goals and focus their energy.
  4. Keep strong people focused on their own business. Ask, “How does this connect with what you’re doing?” If it doesn’t, tell them to mind their own business.
  5. Realize strong people have big weaknesses. Deal with their weaknesses or lose their strengths.
  6. Expect everyone to connect the dots and keep the big picture in mind.
  7. Provide opportunities for teammates to connect what’s important to them with what’s important to the organization.
  8. Expect respect, but don’t expect agreement on everything.
  9. Keep strong people focused on making things better.
  10. Don’t allow strong people to walk over you. But, don’t feel the need to raise your voice or get aggressive. Strength doesn’t have to be loud or aggressive.
  11. Confront public resistance publicly. Don’t argue, but expect alignment with agreed upon goals. “Thanks for your input. We’re not going in that direction right now.”
  12. Don’t use intimidation. Connect with strong people by demonstrating wisdom, competence, focus, tact, strength, openness, and humility. A useful strong person respects strengths in others. A waste needs everyone else to be weak.
  13. Give them time and space to see where they fit in. Don’t interpret reluctance as resistance.
  14. Be bullheaded on values.
  15. Run interference. If you must, tell others to back off, even if the strong person frustrations others.

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