4 Surprising Times to Leap for Joy

Issues, problems, and challenges suck the joy out of leaders. Miserable leaders drain organizational energy. (People assume you’re miserable if you don’t express joy.)

Joy is energy.

Joy is an expression of wisdom and strength, not weakness. Find joy by expressing approval.

effectiveness requires self-awareness

Successful leaders express joy without being frivolous.

Leap for joy when people:

#1. Understand themselves more clearly.

  1. People lose their energy when they lose themselves in the weeds.
  2. Effectiveness requires self-awareness.
  3. Energy goes up with self-expression. Self-expression requires self-awareness.
  4. Ask people questions about their enjoyment, energy, and fulfillment.
  5. Provide opportunity for reflection after failure or success. What worked for you?

#2. See the big picture.

  1. Leadership collateral is expended on people who negatively impact others and don’t care.
  2. Help people realize how their decisions, requests, and behaviors impact others.
  3. Ask, “What are we really doing around here?”
  4. Define and use language that keeps the big picture top of mind.

#3. Advocate for customers.

  1. Immaturity serves itself. Maturity serves others.
  2. Ask, “Who is our customer?”
  3. Ask, “How are you bringing value to customers?”

It’s pure joy to hear people speaking for those who aren’t in the room – customers.

#4. Challenge you.

  1. Give anyone who practices constructive dissent a raise.
  2. Say, “Thanks for saying that,” when alternatives are offered in meetings. Follow that with, “Tell me more.”
  3. Evaluate constructive dissent by asking, “How does this make us better?”
  4. Beware of those who have more goals for you than they have for themselves.

It’s the glory of leaders to express approval for behaviors that matter most. But lousy leaders constantly complain.

What makes leaders leap for joy?

What missed opportunities to leap for joy do you see in organizations?

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