Solution Saturday: Three Types of People Who Always Get Stuck

There are three types of people who want solutions but don’t find them, even though answers knock at the door.

Finding a solution starts with who you are.

3 types of people who always get stuck:

#1. Perfectionists who look down on imperfect progress always get stuck.

The need to get it right the first time calls perfectionists to play it safe.

Perfectionists feel powerful saying, “That won’t work.”

John Acuff says the first lie of perfectionism is, “Quit if it isn’t perfect.” (Read his book, Finish.)

Perfectionism is the cousin of stagnation.

Tip: Ask questions that enable progress.

  1. What changes if you do nothing?
  2. What’s the worst that could happen?
  3. How might you try something that you’re confident will succeed?

#2. Know-it-alls filled with blame always get stuck.

The problem is always others when failure persists and you’re in the right.

The finger of blame reflects a closed mind.

Tip: Ask questions that create openness.

  1. What if they’re just a little right?
  2. What if you’re just a little wrong?
  3. What would you consider if you were (Insert a different perspective)? Older/younger, male/female, powerful/weak, customer/employee, etc.

#3. Victims waiting for rescue – when they’re capable of moving forward on their own  always get stuck.

The world is filled with needy saviors who validate themselves by solving other people’s problems.

Needy saviors validate helplessness every time they rescue capable “victims”.

Tip: Ask questions that enable others to explore their own solutions.

  1. If I wasn’t here, what would you try next?
  2. How have you worked through problems like this in the past?
  3. What might (insert the name of an expert) do?
  4. What options are available? Which one would you like to try?

Their solution is better than your solution, even if it isn’t quite as good.

Which type of person is most prevalent, from your point of view? Perfectionist, Know-it-all, Victim?

What might type of person looks for solutions but doesn’t find them? What might be helpful for them?