Secret Sauce: Daydream Your Way to Success

Negativity is the ability to dream up problems aggravated by the inability to imagine solutions.

You might have a leadership position, but you can’t actually lead until you can daydream. Everything is first imagined.

The beginning of everything:

Every success was first a dream.

How much daydream-time are you taking for yourself? You used to daydream about being a successful leader. Maybe you should try again. When I was 13, I started daydreaming about public speaking. I’m not joking.

First imagine it. Then do it.

Close your eyes and see yourself succeeding. Imagine yourself IN the race. Don’t daydream about winning. Imagine HOW you win.

Daydream that you show up to serve.

  1. What does your face look like?
  2. What words are you using?
  3. What’s your focus and tone?

Daydream that you show up with courage.

  1. Who are you speaking with?
  2. What topics are you addressing?

Daydream that you show up to learn.

  1. What questions are you asking?
  2. How are you implementing your learnings?

daydream more these days. 

Before giving a presentation, I imagine the audience likes me, and I imagine I like them.

Imagination bolsters confidence, fuels energy, and releases new ideas.

Daydream that team members are thriving.

I often imagine the success of coaching clients. Last week I sent a text that read, “I imagine you sweating at the gym,” to a client.

What comes to mind when you imagine the success of others?

  1. What are teammates doing that makes them thrive? Not doing?
  2. What are you doing to fuel their success? Not doing?

Daydreaming precedes reality. But work brings imagination to fruition. 

First imagine your own success and the success of others. Then let imagination guide behaviors.

How might leaders daydream more?

How might you help others imagine themselves thriving?