7 Ways to Stop Being a Grim Reaper Leader

Grim-Reaper-Leaders contaminate every environment.

People feel you before they see you. Have you ever walked into a space and felt a bad vibe before seeing anyone? 


Imagine waking up after an accident and learning that anyone who comes within a 50-foot radius of you dies instantly. That’s the premise of the movie Radius.

The main character fears there’s something in the air that’s killing everything. He eventually realizes he’s the killer.

7 Ways to Stop being a Grim Reaper Leader:

#1. Notice yourself.

Would you love to hang around you?

  1. What’s the trajectory of your language?
  2. What’s your tone?
  3. What’s your demeanor and body posture?

Positive presence expands the potential of others.

#2. Compare what is with what could be, not what was.

Positive leaders turn toward the future not the good ole days. Imagined good ole days sap the strength out of today.

Turn minds toward what might be, more than what was.

If you can achieve your goals by repeating the past, you need new goals.

#3. Value imperfect others. Everyone is imperfect.

Whiner-leaders circle the past and in the process devalue the people around the table.

#4. Stay active in public. Rest in private.

As long as you’re reasonably confident it’s not harmful, take action.

People who tread water all end up in the same place.

#5. Care for people but rise above their darkness.

Arrogance makes you overestimate your power to control. You can challenge, but you can’t force people to change.

Arrogance leads to discouragement.

#6. Deal with frustration.

Fear and delay allow frustration to fester into foolishness.

Anger explains what you don’t want. Figure out what you want.

#7. Enter every situation with two questions.

  1. How can I serve?
  2. How can I make things better?

What do Grim Reaper Leaders look like?

How might leaders manage their radius?