4 Reasons Good People Produce Poor Results

A team of average players with great leadership will defeat a team of great players with lousy leadership.

When Good People persistently produce poor results they have ineffective leaders.

4 reasons Good People produce poor results:

  1. “Good” is context specific. Good organizational fit enables Good People to perform.
  2. Bad organizational culture sucks the life out of good people.
  3. Ineffective systems and processes hamper results.
  4. Good People can’t overcome lousy leadership. Exceptions are rare.

5 questions that help Good People succeed:

#1. What will be different if we make progress?

Foggy wins frustrate Good People.

Energy Leeches laugh when you waste Good People’s talent and energy. 

#2. What behaviors will likely produce progress?

Prioritize how you treat each other. The most important thing about you is the way you treat each other while you do the work.

  1. How and when will we execute behaviors that help us win?
  2. How will we honor people who execute winning behaviors well?

#3. What behaviors will likely hinder success?

Give teeth to question #3 by asking, “What will we do when we see behaviors that hinder progress?” Don’t settle for something vague like, “We’ll point out behaviors that hinder progress.”

  1. Give each other permission to practice candor.
  2. Role play candor. “Hey Barney, we agreed to keep our office doors open in the afternoon. Can you get back on track tomorrow?”
  3. Don’t ask, “What happened,” unless you want an excuse.
  4. Ask, “What will you do differently next time?”

#4. What will we NOT have done if progress stalls?

Wilma answers, “If progress stalls, we won’t have tracked results.”  Establish a system to prevent potential slippage.

  1. What results do you want to track?
  2. How and when will you track results?
  3. What will you do when results go up or down?

#5. What relevant lessons have we learned from past success and failure?

What prevents Good People from making progress?

What might leaders do to help Good People Succeed?