If You Don’t Know How to Make Work Fun

I’ll never forget the day my wife said our family was more peaceful without me. The kids were still home and I was always upset about something.

Tragically, life was better without me.

Mot leadership:

Mot was the god of death, infertility, and drought for ancient West Semitic peoples. When Mot ruled, the land languished.

Do people wish you would go away? Choose vitality!

Vibrant work:

#1. Make work fun.

If you don’t know how to make work fun, ask someone who does.

One team I work with has a person who loves fun. She’d love to tell you how to have fun!

Designate a Chief Fun Officer for the month. Their job is to plan one act of fun a week. (This will only work if you haven’t already sucked the life out of everyone.)

  1. Change a routine. Do something unplanned.
  2. Have cake for no reason.
  3. Create and lead a clap-moment. Clapping, even if it feels weird, makes people feel good.

#2. Engage in banter.

Caring leaders build vibrant workplaces. At the beginning of the week, ask, “What did you do for fun this weekend?” It’s too broad to ask, “How was the weekend?”

#3. Ask, “What could I do that would help you enjoy work?”

You might not know what holds teams back. Ask them.

Don’t do people’s jobs for them. Just help them enjoy their job.

  1. Eliminate stupid stuff. What are you doing that hinders rather than helps? Evaluate systems, processes, and paperwork.
  2. Explain what matters. Give people ‘one thing’ to prioritize today.
  3. Get your hands dirty once in awhile. It’s not smart to do people’s jobs for them, but it’s encouraging if you occasionally lend a hand.
  4. Minimize gossip by over-communicating. When people don’t have enough information, they make it up.

How might leaders energize rather than drain teams?