7 Things New Inexperienced Leaders Must Do

The good news is you earned the opportunity to lead. The bad news is you’ll probably crash and burn. (But get up again when you do.)

7 Things New Inexperienced Leaders Must Do:

#1.  Determine how you want to show up before you show up.

Know your values, strengths, and mission.

If you don’t know who you are, you’ll end up pushed around by the loudest voice.

#2. Practice humility.

Humility always looks good on new leaders.

#3. Ask intelligent questions.

  1. What’s next?
  2. Where does this lead us?
  3. What’s important about that?
  4. What challenges lay ahead?
  5. Who might know?
  6. Who’s good at this?
  7. What are we learning from failure? Success?
  8. Who needs to know?
  9. What are we missing?
  10. What’s preventing us from making this decision today?
  11. What assumptions led us to this decision?
  12. Where are the pockets of energy in our organization. How can I add fuel to their fire?

The best thing you can know is that you don’t know.

#4. Realize you impact others.

Leaders know that changing one thing impacts ten things.

  1. Who is impacted? How?
  2. Don’t blow off steam in public.
  3. Share concerns with optimism. Hand-wringing is below you.
  4. Don’t minimize challenges or you’ll look out of touch.

#5. Look down the road and around the corner.

Individual contributors get lost in the weeds.

Leaders live in the future while functioning in the present.

#6. Be known for talking things over AND for making decisions.

It’s easy to be all talk and no action or all action and no talk.

People respect you when you listen and understand before making decisions, especially if they disagree.

#7. Know that leadership is more than getting things done.

Leaders get things done THROUGH others.

The mental shift from getting things done on your own to bringing out the best in people is incredibly slow and often painful.

What’s #1 on your list of things new inexperienced leaders must do?

What might you add to the 7 things listed above?