5 Unexpected Strategies that Make Leaders Disproportionately Better

#1. Liking.

Think about things you like about the people on your team, even someone you’re managing out.

  1. Silently repeat, “I respect you,” when talking with others.
  2. Ask people what they think.
  3. Pat people on the back.

Don’t let people issues sour you on people.



#2. Routines. Establish a few.

Predictability produces stability.

Which routine would make a difference in your leadership?

  1. Start the day slowly.15 minutes of morning quiet. Don’t look at your computer or email.
  2. Close your computer and put it out of sight at 7 p.m. everyday.
  3. Schedule 15 to 30 minute walk-abouts every day at 2 p.m. (Afternoon is a great time to walk-about.)

    • Gratitude walks.
    • What’s working walks.
    • How can I help walks.
    • Noticing walks. Just notice stuff.
    • Curiosity walks.
    • Learn about people walks.
    • Celebrate progress walks.

#3. Clarifying wants.

It’s amazing that hard-working people often don’t know what they really want. And when you ask them what they want, the answer is often well below their dignity.

What do you you really want today?

  1. Know what you want for others, yourself, and your team.
  2. Align your wants for others with their wants for themselves.

Collisions between personal wants and team needs indicates a bad fit.

#4. Posture.

Hold your head up.

If you look down when you think, learn to look up or think less.

#5. Smiling.

If you’re happy, tell your face.

Isn’t it sad that the higher you go, the more your face droops? If you’re not happy, go make a difference for someone and smile about it.

Bonus: People. Focus on them.

Leaders who sacrifice people in the process of getting results spend too much time on manipulative management techniques.

The business of management and leadership IS people.

  1. Respect.
  2. Believe in.
  3. Encourage.
  4. Confront.
  5. Challenge.
  6. Coach.
  7. Mentor.
  8. Honor.
  9. Recognize.
  10. Promote.

Which one of these small things would make a big difference for you?

What would you add to the list of small things that make a big difference?