7 Secrets to Help People Become Better People That Actually Work

You’re a better person because someone helped you become better. It’s your turn to help others become better.

I don’t blame you if working to make PEOPLE better feels awkward. We’re not talking about widgets.

It sounds arrogant to say, “I’m working to better others.” Improving circumstances is more comfortable. But leadership is about people. You want PEOPLE to be better because of you. (Yes, you improve systems and circumstances too.)

There’s a long line of people standing behind you. They made you better – parents, relatives, friends, coaches, teachers, and bosses.

Whose line are you in?

False humility thinks, “I can’t help people be better.” You might say to yourself, “It’s not my job to help people be better.” That’s safe and irresponsible.

7 secrets to help people be better people:

  1. Encourage people to help you become better. Ask them for their best word of advice and practice it for a week, for example.
  2. Share your journey. Talk about failures, growth, and successes. (The value of self-reflection is finding enough clarity about your journey that it becomes useful to others.)
  3. Talk about values, inner motivation, and purpose whenever you work on strategy, system, and method.
  4. Help people focus less on failure and more on learning. (Mindset)
  5. Understand that most growth is gradual. You notice it when you look back. Dramatic growth may lead to over-confidence and arrogance.
  6. Challenge people to try new things and stay available to help when they do.
  7. Help with THEIR aspirations. I recently began a conversation with one of our grandchildren by saying, “I can help you get better at that.” We were talking about basket-ball. He leaned in. His eyes got wide.

Bonus: Turn “don’t want” into “do want”. You’re stuck in muck when life is filled with “don’t wants”.

Who helped you be a better person?

How might leaders help people become better people?

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