How to Navigate Weakness on Your Team

It’s not the work; it’s the people that drive you crazy.

Love and hate at work:

You love working with the people on your team. BUT there are a few things that drive you nuts.

People with extraordinary strengths have exceptional weaknesses. Don’t limit your success by eliminating remarkable people.

  • A detail-person is too literal.
  • A person who is good with people talks too much.
  • A good listener can’t make up her mind.

Don’t let the negative 20% pollute the positive 80%.

Navigating weakness in others:

#1. Release silly fantasies about ideal team members.

Stop expecting to love everything about the people on your team. You don’t even love yourself that much.

#2. Expect remarkable people to rub you the wrong way.

#3. Love the 80%. Accept the 20%.

The lousy comes with the good in the real world.

#4. Honor and respect the irritating others on your team. Don’t work to fix people. Learn to adapt.

Rigid people find relationships difficult.

#5. Teach your team to adapt to each other.

#6. Don’t minimize or defend the weaknesses of others. When you hear legitimate complaints, say, “You’re right. Everyone has weaknesses, even you and me.”

  1. What strengths does maddening Mary have?
  2. What contribution does grating Gary bring to the team?
  3. Where would our team be without irksome Ira?
  4. How might you adapt to the idiosyncrasies of irritating Herman?


  1. Clarify expectations and commitments.
  2. Confront behaviors that hinder teams. Bob habitually arrives late. It’s the little things that drive you crazy.
  3. Choose coaching as a tool of development.
  4. Reject the belligerent.

Tip: Know and respect the top three strengths of everyone on your team.

If you find a perfect team, don’t join it. You’ll spoil it.

How might leaders navigate the strengths and weaknesses of people on their team?


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