5 Years Ago Today: 7 Surprising Strategies that Elevate Leaders

This post was originally published 5 years ago today. (11-21-2015)

Fools see lack of wisdom in others, not in themselves.

People who need help the most, seek it least. 

“The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.” Socrates

knowledge you currently have takes you where you've already been.png

Over-confidence is a fool’s mirage.

Don’t think of others when you think of growth.  What if you’re the one who needs to elevate their leadership?

7 surprising strategies that elevate leaders:

  1. Play dumb. Knowledge and skills you currently have will take you where you have already been. Old answers close minds. Ask dumb questions.
  2. Make it bad. Don’t minimize the challenges you face or the mistakes you’ve made. Minimizing dampens pain. Make things worse if you want to elevate your leadership.
  3. Hope less. Hope keeps you doing the same things. Find behavioral reasons that validate hope. What makes you think the future will be different? Hope is delusion if you don’t change behaviors.
  4. Leverage strategic failure. It’s better to fail trying something new than succeed with an unsatisfying present.
  5. Let it hurt. Over-protection makes people weak, indulgent, and entitled. Dig into screwups, disappointments, and failures.
    • What did you do? Don’t blame others for being stuck.
    • What are you learning about yourself? Unexamined failure is a squandered future.
    • What would you like to do differently? Ambiguity can’t be measured or improved. Get clear, specific, and behavioral when describing what you’ll do different next time.
    • What will you do if you don’t make progress?
  6. Eliminate ineffective patterns. Stop doing things that result in recurring frustration, disappointment, and stagnation. What do you need to stop? Stopping takes more boldness than starting.
  7. Reflect on your need to matter. It takes courage to own your deep desires to make a difference. How will you worry less about what others think, while living with an open heart?

What has elevated your leadership?

What suggestions would you make to people who want to elevate their leadership?