Reject this Myth about Management Before it’s too Late

The danger of a myth is it works until it destroys you.

A path based on a lie always leads to oblivion.

Frozen flame. Candle.

Learn to turn-off or life will teach you.

The myth to reject: always-on is the path to success.

Always-on is the path to ‘success’ for big egos.

Here’s a news flash. The world will go on without you. Big-ego-managers lose their families and destroy their health.

Successful managers have humility that honors the aspiration of talented others. Delegate to people who aspire to advance.

How to delegate so you can turn off:

  1. Create development plans for team members. Who wants your job, or one like yours?
  2. Limit availability. Identify the go-to person when you aren’t available. Only a handful of people have permission to call when you’re off.
  3. Train people to try stuff. Say, “I want to be helpful, but don’t call me until you’ve tried to solve an issue.”

Always-on is destructive desire for power, advancement, or wealth. You have haywire values if you’re always-on. Greed gobbles you up and pulls you down.

Elevate the value of relationships and health to enrich your life.

Always-on is fear of loss. Fear loves seeing you grovel.

It takes courage to turn off in a world that expects you to be always-on.

How always-on managers turn off:

  1. Commit to longevity and fulfillment.
  2. Work hard when you’re at work.
  3. Focus on doing things that only you can do. Work to delegate the rest.
  4. Create end-of-day rituals. Check-in with key team members. Clear your desk. Know what you’re going to do tomorrow morning.
  5. Prioritize time. (See #3 above.)
  6. Realize that you only win when the race is over. How might you create more endings?
  7. Take something out of your bucket. Your bucket always overflows if you keep putting stuff in it.

Learn to turn-off or life will teach you.

How might managers learn to turn-off?

What other destructive myths about management do people believe?